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Our Trainers


Coach Matt


Coach Matt has a BS degree in Kinesiology from the University of Rhode Island as well as a Masters Degree in Health Education from Boston University. Coach Matt is also a ACE certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, FMS certified, TPI Golf Certified Trainer, and is a certified RRCA Run Coach.

Coach Matt is an avid runner and is currently in the process of running 50 marathons in 50 states. He also loves to snowboard, play golf. and hike. And believes an active lifestyle is one of the healthiest antidotes to the busy world we live in.

Coach Matt was recently interviewed in the Valley Breeze. Read about what inspired him to help others.

Coach Faith

After completing her Associates Degree in General Studies at the Community College of Rhode Island in 2019, Faith decided to pursue her dream of becoming a personal trainer. She graduated from the Academy of Sports and Fitness Training in the spring of 2021 with a diploma in Personal Training and earned a National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certificate in June of 2021. She joined the Stronger team shortly after that and hasn’t looked back.


In her own words: “My absolute favorite muscles to work are the legs because leg exercises always help me to feel strong and accomplished. I also enjoy putting on some good tunes and getting outside for a run. On a non-fitness note, I love reading, going to concerts, and hanging out with my family and pups. I’m so excited to help you reach your health and fitness goals and to encourage you at every step of the way!”


Coach Anastasia

For the past 3 years, Anastasia has been helping people achieve what they didn’t think was possible. She loves helping people take charge of their health and teaching them how to make fitness a lifestyle. 


She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She also has a TRX Level 1 Certification. 


Originally from New York where she previously worked in the live entertainment industry and likes to bring that creativity into her work as a trainer.

Coach Alex

Alex has a strong passion to achieve optimal wellness and loves to help others achieve that same level of health and well being. Alex holds a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Rhode Island, and is a committed advocate for physical fitness, and it’s his belief that well-being has many aspects and they’re all intertwined, specifically physical and mental health. 


Alex is a certified NASM personal trainer. 


Other than staying active, whether it’s working out, going for a run, or playing his favorite sport soccer, he enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, as well as listening to music. His goal at Stronger is to serve and help you reach your own personal goals. So let’s get to work and have fun doing it!

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